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Challenge Dates: January 11th-31st, 2021

Cost: $21

We know you’re tired of being stuck at home, but you can make the most of this time by establishing healthy habits that will serve you long after quarantine is over!

Our Spring 21 Day Challenge is a great way to get ready for summer and now is a great time to channel your energy toward healthy outlets!

The challenge is all online. You get points based on how many healthy habits you complete each day. The 8 possible daily points are:


🍞No Grains


🍪No Sugar


🍷No Alcohol


💧Drink 80 oz of water


☀️Supplement with magnesium, vitamin D, fish oil, and probiotic (can come from real food)


🏃🏼‍♀️30 minutes of daily movement


💆🏻‍♂️30 minutes of stress-free relaxation


😴At least 7 hours of sleep each night


You will report your daily points via email. The challenge also includes a daily email with healthy tips, recipes, etc. For this challenge, the email will also include a daily exercise you can do AT HOME.

The challenge starts on Monday March 30th. It’s $21 to enter and the winner of the challenge will receive a $50 BTY gift card! For any questions, email

Click here to Sign up today for the 21-day-challenge.


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