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5 Reasons You Should Be Working Out For Golf

1. Makes It Easier To Get Into The Right Positions In The Golf Swing

In order to hit the golf ball consistently solid, you have to be in the right positions at the right points of your swing. The goal of every golf drill is to help you feel these correct positions so you can get into them more consistently.

However, you can do all the best golf drills on the world, but if you can’t physically get into the right position you aren’t going to get into the right position. Many people are limited in their mobility so they can’t turn in their swing. Others are limited in their stability so they can’t control the positions of their swing. Golf workouts that are targeted at your specific limitations can lead to the breakthrough you’ve been looking for in your swing.

2. Improves Rhythm and Timing

Rhythm and timing are crucial for the golf swing. Anyone who has every tried to hit a golf ball has learned that swinging harder isn’t always better. It’s all about timing everything up in the right sequence.

Golf workouts are great for teaching the right muscles to fire at the right time. This improves coordination and athleticism so your golf swing can look and feel more smooth and fluid.

3. Decreases Injury Risk

The golf swing puts a lot more force and torque into your body than most people give it credit for. If you are not adequately prepared for the demands of the sport, injury can happen. Most injuries in golf are overuse injuries due to certain muscles working too hard to make up for other muscles that aren’t doing their job. Golf workouts are the best way to prepare the body for the demands of the sport in order to lower risk of injury.

4. Increases Power and Swing Speed

This point probably seems the most obvious, but it’s still frequently overlooked. If you want to hit the golf ball far, you need to have a powerful engine. Intelligently designed workouts that focus on building strength, speed, and power can add a lot of distance.

5. Builds Confidence and Mental Fortitude

Anyone who has ever played the game of golf knows what a mental game it is. In order to be the best golfer, it is just as important to work on your mental game as your physical game. People often don’t appreciate the psychological benefits to working out. Exercise releases feel good endorphins, improves mood, improves sleep, decreases anxiety, improves memory, and increases energy. Exercise also can be very empowering. Working out is hard, but there is a lot of value in pushing through something even though it’s challenging. It is very empowering to master a skill in the gym that you couldn’t formally do. Conquering challenges in the gym can build your mental muscle so you can conquer challenges on the golf course.

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