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“Do I really need to workout for golf or baseball?” Part 1

Our answer is a resounding YES!

And here is why…

During impact in both the golf swing and the baseball swing, the average force you put into your lead leg is 1.5 times your body weight and you reach 90% of your maximal muscle contraction! Not to mention that you are also rotating your knee, hip, and back under this load.

Physical training for both golf and baseball is ESSENTIAL for decreasing injury risk and optimizing performance.

That is a lot of force for one leg to handle. For injury prevention purposes, if you’re putting that amount of force and torque into your body you BETTER be prepared to handle it. Golfers and baseball players are commonly riddled with over-use injuries due to being ill-prepared for the demands of the sport. These injuries can be career ending for many people.

For performance enhancement, getting stronger translates to putting more force into the ground…which in turn translates into more swing speed and power. Everybody wants to hit the ball farther and the best way to do that is by improving your physical capacity.

At BTY, we focus on building the complete athlete so you are adequately prepared for the many demands of your sport. In order to do this, we work on building strength, speed, mobility, and balance. We want to build both the “engine” for performance and the “frame” for longevity.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a few exercises we use to prepare the lead leg to efficiently use to force of the swing in order to maximize performance and joint health...

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