“Do I really need to workout for golf or baseball?” Part 2

Here are 3 exercises we use at BTY to prepare your lead leg for the force of the baseball swing and golf swing. If you didn't read Part 1, check it out now! In order to develop optimal lead leg joint health and power production, you need to focus on improving balance, strength, and dynamic stability. Each of these exercises focuses primarily on one of these athletic qualities. BALANCE STRENGTH DYNAMIC STABILITY If you want to find out which specific athletic qualities you personally need to work on in order to optimize your performance and decrease your risk for injury, call us at 937-303-7238 or visit btytraining.com to schedule a movement assessment today!

“Do I really need to workout for golf or baseball?” Part 1

Our answer is a resounding YES! And here is why… During impact in both the golf swing and the baseball swing, the average force you put into your lead leg is 1.5 times your body weight and you reach 90% of your maximal muscle contraction! Not to mention that you are also rotating your knee, hip, and back under this load. Physical training for both golf and baseball is ESSENTIAL for decreasing injury risk and optimizing performance. That is a lot of force for one leg to handle. For injury prevention purposes, if you’re putting that amount of force and torque into your body you BETTER be prepared to handle it. Golfers and baseball players are commonly riddled with over-use injuries due to bein

April Gym Challenge

Our April Gym Challenge is to get outside for at least 15 minutes EVERY DAY! Spring is here, which means the weather is starting to break, the days are longer, and there are more warm, sunny days in our future! It’s the perfect time to start getting in the habit of spending time outside.☀️ There are many health benefits that come from spending time outside: 1. The sunshine is our best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D improves just about everything when it comes to health, including mood, energy, fat loss, stress reduction, mental and physical performance, and immunity. 2. You’re usually moving when you’re outside. Whether you’re gardening, going for a walk, or playing a game, regular outdoor m

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